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St. Anne's Reel

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This is recorded in Garage Band on a Mac using a Sure SM57 and Electrovoice PL11 cardiod microphone. I am playing my new Redline Rambler Deluxe that I just took delivery of about a month ago. I really love ths guitar. I am also playing the rhythm guitar. Very simple, basic recording with only a little added echo and reverb. Also, thanks to Rob Anderlik for his tab that helped me get started learning this song. I know it doesn't sound like Rob's version, but it was my basic starting point and was very helpful. Hope you enjoy.


The Old Rugged Cross

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Here is one of my favorite hymms that I recall my Mom humming around the house when I was a kid. This is my RedLine Rambler Deluxe recorded in Garage Band using a Sure SM57 and Electrovoice PL11 microphone.


Shenandoah EBDGBD

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Okay Troy, I'm not stalking you but I've been working on this arrangement since I heard you and Greg Booth's "The Water Is Wide". i first worked this up in open G tuning and it was okay but I was looking for a prettier sound. I think the EBDGBD tuning that Greg has used so well is a perfect candidate for this song. I've always loved some of the great choral arrangements of this song and I always think of the sound track from some of the old wester movies when I hear it. So here is my version. Hope you like it.


White Christmas

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Merry Christmas everybody! (My apologies to Bing Crosby)

Grand Old Flag

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Happy 4th of July to everyone! I was watching Yankee Doodle Dandy with Jimmy Cagne the other night and thought this great George M. Cohan tune might be a good one for the ol' square neck. It layed out pretty good in G. Recorded in Garage Band on my Mac and played a little rhythm guitar and mandolin to back it up. So, in honor of our military and Patriots everywhere this 4th of July, please enjoy. And let me know what you think, too.


Till There Was You

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I haven't posted anything for quite some time but was in the mood today. I love Mike Auldrige's arrangement of this song and couldn't rest until I learned it. I'm no Mike A. but hope everyone enjoys. I'd like to hear what you think.


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