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The Wabash Blues

2:35 minutes (2.37 MB)

Here's an instrumental version of an old tune that a friend of mine has been singing lately. The internet tells me that it was written in 1921 by Fred Meinken and Dave Ringle.


East Snook, TX

Gary Mortensen - After You've Gone

2:31 minutes (2.31 MB)

Here's another old one - composed in 1918 by Turner Layton, lyrics by Henry Creamer.



East Snook, TX

Gary Mortensen - The Haunted Saddle

3:26 minutes (3.15 MB)

An original tune I recorded this week...


Gary Mortensen - Whispering Grass

2:11 minutes (2 MB)

This old tune has been going through my head lately, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've got recordings of it by the Ink Spots from 1940 and Sandy Denny from the mid 70's.


Gary Mortensen - To Know Him is to Love Him

2:10 minutes (1.99 MB)

One of the prettiest tunes from the 50's, I think. Check out the original version by the Teddy Bears on YouTube...



Fishman Aura example

1:43 minutes (1.58 MB)

Here's a recording I made this morning of my Fishman JD equipped reso playing the same riff without and with the Aura pedal. The first example is always the raw pickup, the second is with the Pedal engaged, set on #1 with the blend control set to full Aura image. The output of the Aura goes into a Baggs Para DI and then to a Carvin AG 100 D amp. All EQ on the Bagg and the Carvin are set flat. I recorded with a Zoom H2 right in front of the speaker, so there shouldn't be any acoustic sound present. Let me know what you think...

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