audio by artist ketil liland

Ketil Liland - tune#1

2:29 minutes (5.7 MB)

Ok. Here goes my first audiopost! Recorded on a Zoom H4 and I play my maple Meredith. Recorded in one take and man is it difficult!!...and fun:-)

This is a original that i am fiddling around with..



O Store Gud(How Great Thou Art)...looped..

1:33 minutes (3.56 MB)

I am trying out my new different toys these days..This is O Store Gud played with my Meredith with the schertler pickup through a boss loop station and a Marshall AS50D recorded on my Zoom H4.. Looping is fun!


Lost Indian sample

0:48 minutes (1.83 MB)

This sample is recorded accousticly with my Zoom H4. I play my new Clinesmith R/S. I will post another file playing through the aura also..

Lost Indian sample - AURA-

0:49 minutes (1.85 MB)

This sample is played on my new Clinesmith R/S plugged directly into my Zoom H4, the aura setting is on # 14 with full blend.

Until next year

1:38 minutes (1.5 MB)

Just a reminder that the summer is over here in Norway. A original piece played on my R/S Clinesmith through my Zoom H4. Thanks for listening and feel free to comment both positive and negative aspects :-)



Swallowtail jig/ Temperance reel

2:53 minutes (2.64 MB)

Hi! This is my attempt at playing a irish jig and reel on the reso! I recorded it on my four track Zoom H4 and although it is full of flaws and mistakes I enjoyed working with it. It's been years since i played the flute and I decided to try it out together with the reso on Temperance reel.

Have a listen and don't be shy on your comments. I do this to learn!


Chasin' the buzz

1:32 minutes (3.5 MB)

Just a tune I came up with the other day messing around with my reso and.... yeah.. chasin' a buzz :-) sounds familiar?


Ireland, love of my heart

1:24 minutes (3.22 MB)

I couldn't help myself, and here's my take on this lovely tune. Smile

Played on my rosewood/spruce Clinesmith, recorded with my Zoom H4


1:17 minutes (1.17 MB)

I hope I can give this beautiful tune some justice with my limited skills and recording equipment! A few years back I visited this beautiful island on the westcoast of Ireland.

Hope you like it!

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