Redneck Girlfriend-Don't Fall in Love with a Redneck-Tab Tabscott

5:43 minutes (5.25 MB)

I used to play in this group, very different from Bluegrass/CW music, eh? The dobro is a 90's 'horn with the stereo pickup system that Tim used to sell. The steel is a 70's Emmons with a tube screamer unit chained to it.

These guys would hop around onstage like they had ants in their pants! The bass player had two big skulls with flaming eyeballs tattooed on the front of his neck. He would always point his chin at the ceiling so the crowd could get a really good look. I was really glad I was sitting down so that I didn't have to hop around and gesticulate like that...

While it is a lot fun to play through a Marshall stack, I eventually had to stop because of the excessive volume at live shows. My ears ring to this day...

OrvilleJohnson- I Wonder Where My Hula Girl Has Gone

2:49 minutes (2.58 MB)

A bit of the tropics for you reso-nationals. I started working on a project recently with a friend of mine named Casey McGill. He has a great band called the Blue 4 Trio that does lots of cool 30s swing and jazz but we were talking one day about 30s pop Hawaiian music ( the genre is Hapa-Haole) and turns out he loves to sing it. So we decided to work on a CD with that style. Here's a song we just got all the parts together on and we're feeling good about the vibe. Casey is playing reso-uke and singing and I'm playing archtop rhythm guitars, bass, and my Rayco Stage DeLuxe Hawaiian acoustic jumbo guitar, which is totally made for this kind of music. Recorded at my house. Check it out...oj

knut h. Half moon bay

4:51 minutes (4.44 MB)

Hello folks,back with an album teaser,this my version of a great song I heard with Maura O'Connel,it will be the only track with vocal on my cd that hopefully will be in the stores in a month or has a weissenborn arrangement,made up of three tracks to create that twelwe string feeling...hope I do it justice,and of course the beautyful vocal comes from my good friend Kristin Bjerkerud.


Nobody knows but me - Paolo Ercoli on resonator guitar

2:31 minutes (2.94 MB)

This is another project, another cd for which I was asked to play. This is Veronica and the Red Wine Serenaders, a great acoustic Band. I had fun in puttin' some kind of bluesy feeling in it. Hope you like it. Here I'm playing the Koa Fishook.

Scott & Bleu

1:48 minutes (2.07 MB)

An excerpt from an instrumental written by Scott Joyce.
Scott Joyce-Piano
Tom Bleu Mortensen-Reso

Turn Around

3:06 minutes (4.26 MB)

My cut "Turn Around" from Hornography

knut h.Winterland

2:57 minutes (2.7 MB)

Hello again,this is a short version of an old song called Winterlan,I just did a quick recording as an response to Andrei talking about Vikings,so this goes out to all the northern dobro brothers..


Norwegian Wood

3:05 minutes (4.25 MB)

In this song it not wanted to keep original arrangement!
The main instrument here is dulcimer. Ethnic flutes are played by my friend Serg Klevensky.

I devote this version to all vikings our site!!!

Here There and Everywhere

2:20 minutes (5.35 MB)


I Will

1:44 minutes (2.39 MB)

These two themes of BEATLES already sounded on our site. I have my versions of these songs for a collection. Working with music of these ingenious guys I tried not to deform original arrangement. Thus active participation have our favourite dobro, pedal steel and others bluegrass instruments.Smile

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