They Held the Line

4:02 minutes (4.62 MB)

Our band wrote this one for veterans.

Till There Was You

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

I haven't posted anything for quite some time but was in the mood today. I love Mike Auldrige's arrangement of this song and couldn't rest until I learned it. I'm no Mike A. but hope everyone enjoys. I'd like to hear what you think.


Troy Brenningmeyer - Something European

3:10 minutes (3.63 MB)

Something I'm kinda working on. See what you think so far...



How Great Thou Art

2:58 minutes (6.81 MB)

Jerry Douglas - North

1:43 minutes (2.37 MB)

Here is the other tune (North) by Jerry Douglas on live TV Tennessee Mornings using the Beard Blackbeard resonator guitarSmile.


Jerry Douglas - American Tune

3:04 minutes (4.22 MB)

I took the liberty to convert into mp3s Jerry Douglas using the Beard Blackbeard resonator guitar as seen on live TV Tennessee Mornings. I figured they might come in handy to either work on the tunes or add them to your song collectionSmile.


Tom Mortensen - The Nearness Of You

3:16 minutes (5.99 MB)

Allman Brothers - Jessica - dobro arrangement

4:02 minutes (9.23 MB)

Remember this Allman Brothers tune, Jessica? Dickie Betts? Remember 47 minute, 1970's endless guitar solo's?

Recorded live with Zoom recorder and Alex on guitar.  It seems one channel on my Zoom recorder is fading in and out.

Country Blues in D on Lap King Rodeo

12:00 minutes (2.76 MB)

Here's a recording of a Lap King Rodeo, over a backing track.  

Red Wing informal Jam

2:18 minutes (5.26 MB)

A bunch of us were jamming at a local festival in FL so I decided to test my new Tascam PR-10. Players are myself on my Beard MA6, Leon M on his Koa wishlist L Body Scheerhorn, Damon on his Dragon reso and Alan(sorry I don't know your user name on here) on his Maple L Body Scheerhorn.

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