Dragon Demo - a short "Danny Boy"

1:34 minutes (1.45 MB)

Here is a short demo of the "Dragon", my version of "Danny Boy". Hope you all like it!

Cocaine done killed my baby

2:31 minutes (3.46 MB)

Make me a pallet on your floor

4:02 minutes (5.54 MB)

Cover of Mississippi John Hurt. Can also be seen on youtube:


Feelin' Bad Blues

3:00 minutes (4.13 MB)

This is my first recording of my new Wechter Scheerhorn 6510R that arrived yesterday. Feelin' bad blues by Ry Cooder, inspired of Rob Anderlik's version on youtube.
I am playing in open d with my bare fingers. Please bear in mind that I only have played for half a year...


Ephemera Danica Knut Hem

4:25 minutes (4.05 MB)

Hello, i thought I do a little PR for my newest cd,so here is a track you can download called Ephemera's something to do about fly fishing...


Chad Darou: How Great Thou Art

3:09 minutes (2.89 MB)

I was inspired by Rob Ickes version of this beautiful old hymn. Gave it my own little twist and here you go!

THE PHOENIX - by Troy Brenningmeyer

Click to play
2:12 minutes (2.53 MB)

Here's an original tune I wrote called "THE PHOENIX".

I'll be putting up a lesson for the tune and giving 100% of the Sales for the month of October to J.P. Johnson of Pearl River Resonators.
In late summer, shortly after the ResoGathering, his entire Dobro Luthier shop burnt to the ground and he lost everything.


Thanks for listening,



Orville Johnson-Somebody's on my Mind

5:23 minutes (4.93 MB)

I think I tried to upload this awhile ago but something didn't work right. This is a beautiful song from the repertoire of Billie Holiday. I'm playing my Santa Cruz OM-45 and my Guernsey and singing. Happy Autumn!

Troy Brenningmeyer - How Great Thou Art

1:56 minutes (2.22 MB)

I'm preparing to record a Gospel Dobro album, and here's a little idea of the sound I'm going for. Kinda in the same vain as Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden's album "Beyond The Missouri Sky". I'm also playing guitar on this one.


Hope you enjoy!



Virginia Wagner with Damon Wack

4:48 minutes (5.49 MB)

I got to record this Labor Day with Virginia Wagner, a very fine singer/songwriter from New Jersey now living in Florida.  It was very impromptu, no practice, just turn on the mics and go, and a very quick mix down, but I was kind of happy with the way this one turned out. Her husband Gregory Galfo was the engineer and showed me some of the ins and outs of the recording studio, my second time in one now, fascinating stuff!  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

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