knut h. Almost on my own

3:55 minutes (3.59 MB)

Hello,here is the title song of my cd......hope you like it

Andrei Shepelev - Dugout

2:10 minutes (4.96 MB)

The song is written in 1942. It was very popular on fronts of 2nd world war.

Chad Darou-Daddy's Boy

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

This is a tune I was inspired to write while watching my son Richard fall asleep one afternoon. Hope you all enjoy it! I look forward to any and all feedback.

This was played on my Deneve D Body Adirondack Spruce and Brazillian Rosewood.

Greg Leisz

4:10 minutes (9.56 MB)

This post is in response to a thread about Greg Leisz. This song is from the new Buddy Miller album - The Majestic Silver Strings. It is a great song, but the last minute or so of the song highlights Leisz's great pedal steel playing. Check it out...

Andrei Shepelev - Steklo (glass)

3:40 minutes (5.04 MB)

Hi guys!
Experimental track! LapSteel it is processed VG88. It sounds together with dobro, in unison. So two timbres develop in one.

The composition is called Steklo (glass). It is recording down by group Grassmeister in instrumental album in 2007.

Andrei Shepelev - Gornitsa

4:27 minutes (4.08 MB)

Thanks, Brad!!!

Itis one of tracks from an album "" Crossing Borders "Sugar Hill Records, 1993 (Kukuruza band). Special guest Maura O'Connel. She sings 2nd couplet and all backs. Soloist Irina Surina.

Maura doesn't know any Russian word. We have written it a transcription. How thrilling!!! It has made only 3-4 doubles!!!
Also has received excellent result! All of us rejoiced! She has told that dreamed to sing for a long time Russian song!

I play on Jerry Douglas's Scheerhorn.

Beaumont Rag - Andy Hall & Josh Williams at 2010 RGA

4:12 minutes (9.62 MB)

2010 RockyGrass Academy. Andy invited Josh to the dobro tent Thursday afternoon, and I was one of the lucky few in attendance. I've been listening to this recording for 9 months and I'm still blown away!!

Andrei Shepelev - Fest

6:20 minutes (5.8 MB)

All greetings and spring mood!!!Smile

This composition is called FEST. Has been thought up under impression of one of festivals in which we participated.
There very different music sounded a lot of. It became idea of this play. My group "ГрассМейстер" (GrassMeister) has written down this track in 2006 for the album.

I apologize for English!!!Smile

Troy Brenningmeyer - Whispering Oaks (Original Tune)

2:02 minutes (2.33 MB)

Hi guys I wrote this awhile ago, and finally recorded it. I hope you enjoy it.

Paolo Ercoli - I wanna go back to my little grass shack

4:09 minutes (4.76 MB)

After listening to the Orville's nice one "I wonder where my hula girl has gone" I remembered that I also have recorded an hawaian song kinda like that one. On this one there is also a nice ukulele played by Max de Bernardi (check him out on you tube, he is a Great guitar player) , and some nice vocals too. Also on this one I play the koa Fishook (what better than a koa, on a hawaian song..) :-)

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