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Advanced Music Technology
1111 Godfrey Ave SW, Box 4C
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 243-1548  [Grand Rapids, MI]
(615) 530-8260  [Nashville, TN]




(616) 243-1548

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Erik Waynesmith

McKenna Guitars

Gregg McKenna
510 King Street
South Windsor Connecticut. 06074


(860) 528-8939

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Gregg McKenna


K Zastavce 101, 280 02
Veltruby, Czech Republic



+420 321 795101

Red Line Resophonics

Steve Smith
118 Mid Town Court, Suite I
Hendersonville,  TN 37075



(615) 826-7890

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Red Line Resophonics

Red Line Resophonics is the Resophonic division of Cumberland Acoustic.

Our parent company, Cumberland Acoustic, has been in business since 1998, in a little town called Hendersonville, just north of Nashville, Tennessee.  For almost ten years now we have been manufacturing and supplying instrument makers and Instrument Supply Catalogs with some of the finest mandolin parts, including  bridges, pickguards, fretboards, and truss rods in the country.  We expanded our line to include parts for Banjos, Mandolas, Archtop Guitars and Resophonic Guitars


How We Build The Guitars

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