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Hey All,

I'm just cleaning out the gear cabinet and thought I'd offer some stuff up.


-GHS TS1600 Cryogenic Strings (18 packs) - SOLD

These are the strings I've been using almost exclusively since they were released several years ago.  They sound good and seem to last quite awhile for me.  Whenever I'd get a coupon code or a good sale was going on at Elderly Instruments, I'd stock up.  Last time this happened I forgot how many I already had and made a large order.  I've had most of these sets for quite a while now.  They are all still unopened, but as they are packaged in paper packaging in the plastic sleeve and not airtight, it's hit or miss as to whether they may have some corrosion/rust on them.  They still sound good, but I noticed the lifespan once on my resos is decreased on the last couple packs I have used.  Some of the packs I have used are perfectly fine with no rust.  It's a gamble, but I'm selling them at a steep discount to new, so for the price you really don't have much to lose if you change strings often to keep them fresh. 

-New Style Leno Capo - SOLD

It is a good, solid capo that actually sounds very good for solid brass, and is fairly easy to use one-handed once you get used to it.  I haven't used it much with having my Slide Pro capo, so there is virtually no wear.  I still have the original packaging and an extra sleeve I ordered from Resophonic Outfitters.  

-Acri Stainless Steel Fingerpics (medium) - SOLD

These were also only used for a short time and show no wear.  They sound good and are very comfortable.

-Acri Stainless Steel Thumbpick - $5.00 + shipping

I ordered this from Elderly Instruments a few weeks ago to try it out as my curiosity got the better of me.  It's very comfortable, but it just didn't suit me.  I guess I've just gotten too used to my Blue Chip and Golden Gates.  I'm willing to sell this as a set with the Acri fingerpicks I have for sale as well.  I'm asking $12.50 + shipping for the set.

-Paloma Stone Slides prototypes - Cobalt blue & white - GONE

When Paloma slides came on the seen, I was curious about their application on a dobro.  I contacted Jay at Paloma and told him that I was a dobro player looking into them and was wondering if they would do a custom slide for me as standard had set dimensions based on a Stevens steel.  I wanted one with angled edges to accommodate good pull-off technique.  He was nice enough to make me up a prototype in each type of finish that they offered.  Being stoneware, they are nice and light, durable, and comfortable.  However, they are almost too light to be of any use on the dobro unless you are a heavy-handed player.  They do work out well for lap and pedal steel though.



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