Instructional DVD's and books ALL SOLD

Various Instructional Videos and other Instructional Books


You Can Teach Yourself Dobro  Mel Bay with DVD's   $8

The Great Dobro Sessions  Stacy Philips  $8

Getting to Slide Guitar  Steve Dawson with DVD  non-dobro

The Dobro Book  Stacy Phillips  with DVD  $8  SOLD

Dobro Tachniques  Steve Toth  with DVD  $8


Resophonic Guitar for Beginners  Vol 1  Orville Johnson  $8  SOLD

                                          Vol 2                        $8  SOLD

Tricks, Licks & Techniques         Vol 2  Orville Johnson  $8  SOLD

Dobro, A Guide to Repertoire and Technique  Stacy Phillips  $8  SOLD

Beginning Dobro                                                   $5

Buegrass Dobro  Ivan Rosenberg                               $8  SOLD

More Dobro  Doug Cox                                           $5  SOLD

Essential Techniques for Dobro  Rob Ickes 2 DVD!!      $8  SOLD

Dobro Techniques  Jerry Douglas                             $5

Dobro Set up and Maintenance  Paul Beard Co. 2006   $8  SOLD

                                                            1992    $5  SOLD

Traditional Hawaiian Steel Guitar  Bob Brozman         $8  SOLD


Don't ask me how I settled on $8.  Maybe it was adding shipping and handling that got me there.  If you think there's a price that's fair for you and me, let me know and we'll see if we can't have a meeting of the minds.


PayPal is probably the best.  

If I didn't get back to you as soon as you like I am on the west coast so that may have been part of the delay.  Thanks to those who have stopped by and bought.


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