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SOLD: Perfect Touch Finger Picks daver1585
SOLD: Gold Tone HDW Weissenborn Case daver1945
Superior Weissenborn Model cg.eckert2174
Leno Capo * SOLD * martinman541482
Gibson dobro F60S (year 2000) Jerry Durocher3354
Pedal Steel For Sale - 22 pounds E9 Will Andrew2543
Beard Nickel Pro Capo - SOLD Michael Barton1382
K & K Golden Bullet Microphone w/Preamp and Power Supply for K&k Preamps. Priced reduced to $75.00. **Sold** Lunkhead1825
McKenna Walnut Reso (SOLD) compuphil1760
Scheerhorn capo-Sold MikeM1353
Brand New Mike Auldridge Model Beard oahugrass3143
Good F-style mandolin for under 1000 bucks Eivind1203
WTB: Randy Kohrs et al, Everything That Slides (Left of Center Records, 2002) James Traylor1340
Beard MA-6 would like to trade for MA-8 Lakeview3381
SOLD: 1960s Guyatone Conqueror 6-String Lap Steel daver4326
Redline Rambler Deluxe SOLD Fox1701
Scheerhorn L-Body #427 for sale *** SOLD *** idiotsavantmd6560
Misc. Acoustic & Electric string sets MitchC1270
WTB: Gold Tone Beard PBSM - Found a guitar Liz Williams1875
beard road o phonic travel dobro ajrubin2293
8 string Allen Tailpieces, Nickel SOLD! rodger_mcbride1377
L.R. Baggs Feedback Master Preamp and notch filters rodger_mcbride1251
UPGRADE TIME! Scheerhorn cone - SOLD! badger1354
SOLD --Carter D-10 Pedal steel -- traded Lounge Primate1697
WTB: Schertler Basik Reso pickup aaronballance1312
2005 Beard R Model For Sale - SOLD!! ron goldey2003
Thumbpicks Patrick Sylvest1424
FOUND ONE - No longer looking for Wechter Scheerhorn Mahogany jgeary1594
2005 Beard R model Tooter Meredith2699
PreSonus Acousti-Q - SOLD StevenM60801328
Used Calton for my Meredith Bill_from_Michigan1393
*SOLD* Wechter Scheerhorn RS6510F "dobro" Lounge Primate3221
(Mike Witcher's) Scheerhorn L Body #404-A, Spruce Top, Maple Back/Sides - SOLD Mike Witcher5562
'47 / '48 ? Gibson Century 6 ( Ultratone ? ) lap steel guitar - excellent condition MitchC1453
Frank Harlow has 3 new jumbo cherry reso's for sale, did have 4, I just bought his rosewood. no year long wait paul edwards2034
Wechter Scheerhorn Rob Ickes RS-6535R (B-Stock) for sale @ $846 -SOLD Slider McGavin1986
will trade 1930 National Triolian for either German Silver Tricone or Baritone Tricone Shetland1447
FS Two Original E.G. Smith bars Bobby Branton1960
Brand New Stevens Bar SOLD Heff1641
GUERNSEY, JUMBO BODY, TRADES??? final reduction any reasonable offers? McIntyre pickup just installed by Ivan, SOLD paul edwards5718
WANT TO BUY AT4033A MIC ( FOUND ONE) (FOUND ONE) dobroguy 11292
1996 Scheerhorn R Model SOLD!!!! timbro2710
Scheerhorn Maple L-body #368 ndwood7952
Wechter/Sheerhorn for Sale SOLD compuphil1615
Josh Graves style ekdahllars1417
Gold Tone PBS Resophonic Guitar w/Case - Used - SOLD wjpauly2336
Stobro Number 3 *NFS* AlexB2048
Various DVDS - KJ Phelps, Josh Cho MitchC1467
Rigel G-5 Mandolin sold dobrodoug2269

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