Free Dobro Album from OrvilleJ

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Hey Resonationpals- Do you like FREE stuff? Well, I have a bunch of tracks I’ve created over the years to use in my teaching of the dobro. A lot of the classes I’ve taught at places like ResoSummit in Nashville and the Blues Workshop in Port Townsend WA involve showing how to use the dobro in a jazz or blues context rather than the bluegrass and country genres to which it’s usually confined. I’ve got a bunch of tunes I’ve made to demonstrate that, mostly jazz and blues standards. I was listening back to some of them and realized, immodestly perhaps, that I played some pretty cool stuff. I would never put it out as an album because it’s all dobro all the time and who would want to listen to that but other dobro players and dobro nerds, right? So, for all you players, nerds, and anyone else that might dig it, I’m giving it away. It’s all at this BandCamp link. Hope you enjoy it and, if you do, shoot me an email at and let me know. Thanks…oj 


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