Blue Highway w/ Justin Moses

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Read today that Blue Highway has a new member come June.



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I am looking forward to it!  I really like Gaven’s playing and what he was able to add to Blue Highway, but I have been a huge Justin Moses fan for a long time.  He can really pick any instrument so I am curious to see where he takes this role.  

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I saw an article about Gaven's recent marriage, so I reckon he'll stay closer to home.

On another note, "The couple will live in Winchester, VA, where Largent will work as an instrument repairman and technician, and move his hobby building of resonator guitars into a profession."  There was a lot of interest in custom reso builders about the time that Reso-Nation was started, with Scheerhorn, Beard, Harlow, DeNeve, Wolfe, etc., in full swing, and Brad, Tooter, Kent, etc., were coming into their own as builders.  IMHO, that fever pitch interest has waned recently.  It will be a good thing to see the next generation builders coming up.  I wish Gaven well in his ventures; knowing his talent, intelligence and grounding, I feel he will succeed whatever he does.



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Things have changed quickly. Now Gaven has signed on with Dailey & Vincent. So I guess the next generation of resonator builders will have one less craftsman for the time being. This from Bluegrass Today:

Those of you who have been wondering what Gaven Largent was going to do with his considerable musical talents after leaving Blue Highway can wonder no longer.

It was announced last night that he will be joining Dailey & Vincent on banjo later this month.

On banjo you say? I thought he played the reso-guitar.

That, of course, is true. But he is also a crackerjack five string man, and actually made his full time professional debut playing banjo with Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper in 2015. This young man gets around.

When we caught up with Gaven this afternoon, he shared a few words about the transition.

“It’s been a busy couple weeks, you know. I just got married on the 12th, and now I get to start this new career. This is a huge opportunity for me to be able to perform a lot more, to many new audiences. It’s a big shift for me musically as well from what I have been doing for the past nearly 3 years with Blue Highway. I’ll be playing more banjo now than I ever have, and still be playing dobro- which I’m also thankful for. Really, I’ll be playing more than I ever have.

My wife and I plan on moving to Nashville after she graduates from James Madison University this December, so that’s another big change for us. I feel like Nashville is the place for a musician like me to be right now. We are so excited for all these open doors we’ve been blessed with, and excited for what God has for us in the future!

Thanks so much to Jamie and Darrin for bringing me on – I can’t wait to start!”

Many congratulations to this talented young musician, and to Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent for landing such a hot young picker.

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I saw Justin backing up Sierra Hull on her Christmas show. Quite a multi-instrumentalist! A short time later HE left Blue Highway. The show goes on though with Gary Hultman on Dobro.

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