Looking for a Calton case-- to buy new or used before July 31.

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My band is off to Europe in August and I need a flight case, preferably a Calton I think.   I'd order one from a dealer, but the web says that they need 60-90 days to deliver one.  60 days is cutting it close, 90 won't work-- we fly on July 31.  

Does anyone have a case to sell, or know of a dealer that would have cases in stock that would fit my black Beard?

Or perhaps there is another brand that someone would recommend?  I'd love to find one with a TSA approved lock.



David Brain




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Wondering, too, what people think of the Hoffee vs. the Calton case.  They seem to be able to deliver a Hoffee much quicker.  They are apparently a little lighter in weight, but they also seem to be a few hundred dollars pricier.

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Having tried to find a fiberglass/carbon fiber case recently myself, I learned that there is long wait for a custom flight case, and trying to find a used one is difficult, as most are custom fit to a specific instrument, and the chances of your Blackbeard being a close enough fit may be remote. The conclusion that I came to was to get a Case Extreme made. https://www.casextreme.com/

Bruce will make it right away for you, the price is very reasonable, and the protection is better than you will find anywhere else. It is well thought out, and I am very happy with mine. I have an excellent Glenn Cronkhite soft case that I fit inside the Case Extreme, but you can have one built to fit over your hard case if you like.

Happy travels



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I ripped the foam out of a case and cut my own high density but still soft foam using an electric carving knife (like butter!!!) I'm sort of clumsy but it still worked perfectly

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Hi David,

I sent you a private message, but I have a fiberglass flight case made by Gary Price available for sale.  He is best known for his banjo cases, but will accommodate just about any instrument if you send him a tracing.  They are very sturdy, with a ton of storage space.  Ihad mine made for my large body Fishook reso, so it should fit a Blackbeard, I would think.

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Pegasus Cases, Sam Gifford.



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