Josh Swift endorses Beard w/Josh Swift model

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It is quite unique. Nickel wound strings are standard :-)


Howard Parker

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Hey Howard, they look great. 

But  .  .  .   what are ShockWave™ bridge inserts?



P a b l o


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Hey Pablo,


I was curious about that as well, so I asked Josh when he announced the guitar release on Facebook.  They are synthetic capped maple bridge inserts.  The Shockwave name was a branding deal with his guitar, like the Shockwave coverplate and fretboard inlays.  He said he doesn't use a pickup and much prefers these over the typical ebony/maple inserts.

I just picked up #2 at Paul's booth at IBMA on Saturday. It is a very different sound. Plenty loud with very little pick and bar noise, probably thanks to the nickel wound strings. The note separation is amazing. And it doesn't lose anything all the way up the neck. Very consistent everywhere. I haven't been able to spend much time with it yet, but I played it and several others at the Beard booth over a couple of days (thanks Paul and Howard for being so accomodating). I A/B'd it with my Scheerhorn as a benchmark. I never thought I would own a purple guitar - my wife was surprised too - but I was unable to resist.

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