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Tab Editors and Slide Notation/Playback

How do the popular tab editors handle notation and playback of sliding. The tech support guy at Guitar Pro told me that GP6 could not capture or imitate sliding very well. How 'bout TabLEdit and the rest of the bunch? What do you see in the notation and hear in the playback when you slide up or down a few frets?

Sequential Learning

This is a question that's been on my mind for a few months. Some of the people posting on RN are quite advanced and some are just setting out to learn their way around on the dobro. No one will argue that you should NOT spend time messing around, exploring the neck, jamming with your friends, and playing along with recordings of songs, and of course, slowing down a favorite dobro break and trying to work it out yourself, note-by-note, by ear.

And then there's structured learning: time spent with the metronome, running through scales in different positions or different keys, drilling on those three-finger rolls, and gradually building up speed on Shenandoah Breakdown until it ripples effortlesslessly out of your fingers, the way it does for Mr. Douglas back when he recorded songs like that for his solo releases.

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Software, templates, etc for writing TAB?

What does anyone use to write out tabs for reso?  Is there any good and/or cheap software to do this? 

I have TEFView, but not TableEdit, so I haven't used that.  Is it worth the cost?  Does Band_In-A-Box do this?


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