Ivan Rosenberg

Bluegrass College?

...has anyone taken a look at this yet? Has anyone heard of the guys teaching the Dobro portion? Would appreciate any feedback!


National Trojan Soundclip

0:57 minutes (1.09 MB)

Hi there, Here's a quick clip of that National Trojan squareneck (biscuit bridge) I have for sale (see classifieds). This is totally dry--no reverb or other effects. I don't really play the blues, but you'll get the idea. cheers! ivan

Rayco Maple Sound Sample

2:22 minutes (2.18 MB)

hi, here's a partly written tune played on the maple rayco that's in the for-sale section of reso-nation. it's the lowest quality mp3 so i could upload it, but it still has a sweet tone i think. cheers! ivan

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