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March Guitar Sessions - more minor scales

A couple more minor scales for you this month as well as Tab and soundclips for the second solo of "the creptid mule." there are several fancy licks, including what's probably a new(ish) pattern for moving up a scale position (in the first several measures of the B part), as well as the dreaded "triplet" lick. I included a slower version of the solo made with The Amazing Slow-Downer, quite a useful software tool for figuring out fast licks. Check out last month's article for an mp3 of the tune in its entirety. Enjoy... http://guitarsessions.com/mar08/resonator.asp

Feb. Guitar Sessions: The Relative Minor - Chords, Keys, etc

I think this is probably my best article yet for Guitar Sessions :) It goes over the relative major/relative minor concept, and might clarify what these concepts mean and how to use them in your playing. The article builds on licks from the last 2 articles on the Key of D by focusing on B minor, which is the relative minor of D. I included a tab from my tune "The Creptid Mule" in the key of B minor, which might be a workout if you're starting out, and will have a few new licks for more advanced players. Enjoy! The soundclip doesn't seem to work yet--I'll get on that....

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Guitar Sessions for January - Key of D part 2

More on playing 'bro in the Key of D this month at Guitar Sessions: http://guitarsessions.com/jan08/resonator.asp

Songs Using Walnut Rayco

3:34 minutes (2.86 MB)

here's the walnut Rayco on a couple of songs from The Breakmen...

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