1929 Dobro Brazil mystery

I have a 1929 Dobro (SN 1008), I think a model 55. I picked it up 35 years ago for next-to-nothing, put an extension nut on it and have been happily (and sloppily) playing it ever since. It has the word "BRAZIL" crudely scratched at the 20th (last) fret and I've always been curious about it. I started to write a song today with a made-up story of some old blues guy having misadventures in Brazil in the 30s. Just for the hell of it, I Googled "Brazil Dobro" and learned about the Del Vecchio Dinâmico, a resonator produced in Brazil starting in the 1930s and made famous later by Chet Atkins.

Just wondering, do any of you know any more about this history? My imagination is rumming wild, maybe a traveling musician DID bring my Dobro to Brazil and gave the Del Vecchios the inspiration for the Dinâmico? Any thoughts?


Maid behind the bar

2:32 minutes (3.54 MB)

Hi Folks; My first piece here was recorded during the second rehearsal of our new band here in Brazil.

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