Cramped hand due to Scheerhorn chrome bar (or other make for that matter)? Good alternatives?

Hi all,

Every now and then (not always) my left hand becomes cramped easily while playing, as if my Scheerhorn chrome bar doesn't fit in my hand comfortably enough. I'm wondering if it has to do with the relatively heavy weight (in my experience at least) and shape of it. Can anyone relate to this issue, with a Scheerhorn bar or other makes? I don't have considerably bigger or smaller hands than average.

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Need to replace my Tipton Bar ,any suggestions

I have been using a tipton bar for the years but it is pretty banged up and need to be replaced

What bars on the market are the most similar is dimension and weight ?

I have a sheerhorn bar but to me it feels a little heavier and shorter in my hand . 

How do the new Beard bars compare to TIpton bars?




Miller Slides

Miller Slides

Well im excited that the Miller Slides are finally available! If any of you have seen me playing out over the last two years you may have noticed the stainless bar i had with the holes in it. it was one of the Miller Light prototypes, and im very glad he is making them now because i was going to go nuts if i ever lost mine! I recently got my hands on the medium, and im still not sure which i like better! The speed and control of the light is uncanny, however the medium has a touch crisper tone. The holes in the bar not only help with the grip and control but they also help keep your hand from being so sweaty and slipery.  

This was the latest facebook post

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Tension in bar hand. HELP NEEDED

I have found recently that, especially with pieces of a medium to fast tempo (though in general too) my bar hand becomes extremely tense when playing, even to the point of being in pain.

Any advice on how to relax my bar hand?

I have tried holding it slightly differently, but my playing suffers - faster pieces sound extremely sloppy and there's no control.



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