Preamp for Sunrise s2 pickup?

I recently was able to purchase a Lazy River Weissenborn with an uninstalled Sunrise S2 pickup as a throw in. I know these are passive but I'm wondering if a preamp will be necessary and if these pickups are feedback prone. Haven't got the drill, forstner bit and soldering iron out yet or I would get the answer myself.

new all-Weissenborn album

I have a new, all-Weissenborn album with all original songs and instrumentals. When you get a chance, you should visit my website, www.stephenhoupt.com. On the first page you can see an image of me standing in front of White Rock Lake holding my Tony Francis Weissenborn. I play that guitar on five songs and an original 1927 Weissenborn on the other five. The new album is called White Rock Lake. Other sections include bio, calendar (with album release party info, it’s the gig on 3/17), audio (here you can listen to all of the new CD, even though it’s not actually available to buy until 2/16 at the earliest, also, if you click on the song title you will find comments about each track and lyrics, if any), and blog (a new post about the making of the album). Chirag Gokani plays the bass on six of the songs, and as you can hear, he is incredibly

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Tony Francis Weissenborn

I just bought a Style 4 Tony Francis Weissenborn from a person in Minnesota.  It has a Seymour Duncan MagMic installed.  I had to do a major adjustment to the pole pieces, but now the thing is alive!  I have always wanted a Tony Francis Weissenborn.  I didn’t have much of an opinion about the MagMic.  But the combination of the two has changed my playing life!

Weissenborn Kona Style 4 1925 $2600, already sold on another site

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ca. 1925 Weissenborn Kona Style 4.  It's all solid Hawaiian koa wood, with a hollow neck up until the 7th fret and a deep body.  The Style 4 was the fanciest version of the Kona, with rope bindings on all possible places and mother of pearl inlay on the fretboard and headstock.  The wood is beautiful flamed koa.  There are no cracks or other structural issues.  It's a lap style slide guitar, very rare.    This guitar plays and sounds great.  It is fitted with a Baggs M1A sound hole pickup and sounds wonderful plugged in.  A few examples that are very similar are for sale online for $3500 to $3950.  This one is not in mint condition because someone drilled a hole in the side bottom of the lower bout, probably for an input jack.  There are also a couple of darkened areas on the top.  None of this affects the structural integrity, sound, or playability of the guitar.  Please listen to the YouTube video, the

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