Martin Harley: Tasty Version of Goodnight Irene

Check out this tasty version of the Lead Belly classic, Goodnight Irene by Englishman Martin Harley which was released last Fall on his CD 'Live At Southern Ground.'  it's just Martin on a weissie and vocals with superb bassist Daniel Kimbro who I have seen play a couple times as a sometime member of the Jerry Douglas Band. The CD was recorded in Nashville.

Interesting capo, has some of the properties of the Shubb resonator capo, looks kind of home made.


Ambient Sketch #1

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Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal, Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb

I've been playing a lot of Weissenborn guitar lately, messing around and trying to dial in my live performance rig. Here's a little ditty that I came up with while experimenting with an Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal, using it as a drone and using a Neunaber Stereo Wet reverb to give me a good ambient tone. I wanted to share this with my friends here. Please give a look/listen and let me know what you think. 




Weissenborn lessons overview

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I recently relaunched my website and I'm now offering downloadable tabs for my tunes and will soon be releasing a series of video lessons for Weissenborn. If you like my music please visit me at www.robanderlik.com for more info. 

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