Tribute to Peador O'Donnell

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Little demo of my new style 1 Weissenborn guitar made by New Zealand based luthier Tony Francis. Hope you guys like it!

knut h. Half moon bay

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Hello folks,back with an album teaser,this my version of a great song I heard with Maura O'Connel,it will be the only track with vocal on my cd that hopefully will be in the stores in a month or so..it has a weissenborn arrangement,made up of three tracks to create that twelwe string feeling...hope I do it justice,and of course the beautyful vocal comes from my good friend Kristin Bjerkerud.


Hermann Weissenborn photo wanted

Does anyone have a good quality photo of Hermann Weissenborn they would be willing to send me? I've attached a photo I grabbed off of Ebay (it's available on a Google search too) but I'm looking for something higher quality that i can do some graphic work with. Sincerely, Robert.H. Weissenborn

'Shackdusters' weissenborn street musicians, Xmas UK

This is Gary Rudd and I performing in Bath in the run up to xmas, honing up material for our upcoming album, 'No Place like Home '  hope you enjoy

Regards, Kevin Brown


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