'Shackdusters' weissenborn street musicians, Xmas UK

This is Gary Rudd and I performing in Bath in the run up to xmas, honing up material for our upcoming album, 'No Place like Home '  hope you enjoy

Regards, Kevin Brown


Hartmut - Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

0:58 minutes (906.98 KB)

One verse of a nice christmas song. Played on a weissenborn-type guitar in open D.

The sound quality (and the playing) is not the best, but I hope you like it anyhow.

If you want the tab, send me a pm.



Coming back to the reso

After an absence of a couple of years, I've decided to get back to the reso guitar, or preferably the Weissenborn. I've sold everything so I have to start over. Going to the Weissenborn, is it better to be familiar with the dobro rolls, licks, etc. first and then switch instruments? I know the tunings are different and there aren't many tabs for the Weissie. I guess what I'm asking is how do I start again and then, if I want, to make the switch to the Weissenborn?

Weissenborn Club Tune of the Week

There may be enough RN'ers who belong to the Weissen-born-again Club to enjoy the occasional tune.

This is not necessarily your mother's bluegrass...


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