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9 Deneve Dobros For Sale!!!!!

Here we have 9 Deneve resonator guitars ranging from Birch Laminate R & D bodies to Solid Wood Maple, Walnut & Mahogony R & D bodies. Some are soundwell, some are post and rim and there is even one hybrid Soundwell/Post and Rim. They are all exceptional as always. These guitars have every bit of the tone and volume of any of the "Big" names. And are affordably priced out at $1550 for the R's and $1700 for the D's. Now that's price with hardshell case an extra set of strings and picks included. Mr. Deneve is truly an underrated builder who is in the next to last batch of guitars he will probably be making. You should not miss out on a chance to own one of these cannons! I own 3 and am currently having him build me another. I should have picks up of the guitars in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out the videos I posted earlier of each guitar.

Feel free to PM me with any interest or questions.

Chad Darou

Emmett Franz

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Here's a clip of a song that Emmett wrote. He's a really talented player. Hope you guys like it.

Scheerhorn R body on eBay

There's a '98 R body Scheerhorn on eBay.  It's a Brazillian Rosewood/Spruce model.  Not a bad looking guitar, but it's been up for sale unsuccessfully before.  Hopefully this one will end with a sale.  I'm a little light on funds right now or I might consider it! Laughing  Here's the link  http://tinyurl.com/yee67y2

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