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Billy Cardine - Pandora!

So I was listening to that online radio station, Pandora a couple days ago, and I heard some AMAZING DOBRO PLAYING! It sounded sort of like Rob Ickes or J.D. but with a twist. I looked at the screen and saw that it was the Biscuit Burners. I had heard of them, but never really checked them out.

I'm sure most of you have heard about their Dobro Player, Billy Cardine, but a couple days ago was the first time I ever heard him. I was totally blown away!!! Wow!

I love it when I hear something like that just randomly, and discover a whole other voice on the instrument! It's great!


Anyway, I don't know if he's on here or not, but if he is...great playing Billy. I'll be checking out all of your other recordings. Anybody got any great recommendations?




I got some Hornography!

I just got home and it was here!

Currently on the second track. It is simply IMMENSE!

Thank you Randy, Tim and everyone who plays on this and was involved in production.


Liam from Wales, feeling inspired!



From The Bluegrass Blog:

Randy Kohrs’ record label, Left of Center Records, is soon to release a new resophonic guitar CD entitled, Hornography.


Hornography serves as a tribute to resophonic guitar luthier, Tim Scheerhorn. Kohrs is joined on the CD by an all star line up of Scheerhorn players.

The CD was recorded at Kohrs’ award winning studio, Slack Key Studio. Each track was produced by the featured musician, each of whom brought their own band to project. Spanning multiple genres, including classical, blues, jazz, and bluegrass, the CD is primarly instrumental (Kohrs contributes the only two vocal cuts) and revolves around instruments build the luthier whose name the project adopts.

Track 1 on the CD is Rob Ickes performing the Monroe classic, Wheel Hoss. Musicians on this cut include: Dave Pomeroy, Ron Block, Andy Leftwich, Adam Steffey, and Aaron McDaris.

Randy tells us the CD will be released before Christmas, and that he will have 200 advance copies available at the upcoming ResoSummit in mid-November.

Players featured on the CD are:

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Electric Scheerhorn -- Billy Cardine w/ The Downbeat Project

3:00 minutes (2.75 MB)

Here's one more clip. This was an attempt to blend in as much acoustic tone as possible without the electric reso sounding too metallic (not to be confused with sounding like Metallica, but that might be kinda cool too ;-) The overdrive makes kind of a grey area btwn the pickups and the acoustic tone.

I recently replaced the humbucker in the guitar with a Lindy Fralin pickup, which I am very happy with. The 'acoustic' type pickup is the bridge and I'm not even sure what Tim put in there. LRBaggs of some sort. I mic'd the top of the guitar with a 1955 Neumann UM57 using an omni pattern.


(BTW, the Burners are still happy and very much active in 09, this is just one of a few projects I'm working on alongside.  I'm producing this record for these guys and alot of the arrangements, both vocal and band, are my devise.  There's a really eclectic mix of music on this project with some great harmony.  There's 5 singers!)  

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