ResoSummit 2019

Very little online discussion (here or elsewhere) about ResoSummit 2019.  Who's in?  Who's on the list?  Besides me (saw the email 3 hours after signup time).

Anyone driving down 95 on the way to ResoSummit?

If anyone is driving down the NJ Turnpike (RT95) to Nashville I have a steel guitar that would love to hitch a ride with you.Cool

I can trade a lesson...or we can work out something if you can do it.

Many thanks,


Resosummit 2015 follow up discussion

What a great Resosummit! 15 teachers, 113 students, three nights of high quality concerts at the Station Inn, a visit from Jerry Douglas, and much more!

About 44 people were attending for the first time, with people from places as far away as New Zealand, Israel and Canada. Every kind of resonator guitar you could think of was represented. I'd say the largest number of guitars I saw people playing were Scheerhorns, but Beards are catching up quickly.

Both Tim Scheerhorn and Paul Beard (and Howard Parker) spent the entire time upgrading, setting up guitars, installing pickups, etc. in addition to hosting classes on how to set up and maintain your instrument.

WIth such an amazing lineup, there are always regrets. I didn't get to take classes from Randy Kohrs, Jimmy Heffernan or Mike Witcher this time.

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Hi everybody,

just wanted to wish a GREAT Resosummit for the ones who will attend it in the next few days. Unfortunatly I cannot come, but hope you can have a lot of fun, and hope to see you all somewhere soon .

So, to all the lucky guys, have a great picking week !


Paolo Ercoli

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