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2009 IBMA Ballots

 To all IBMA members, the ballots for this year’s awards will be mailed later this month, when voting  please  vote for “Hornography” for “Recorded event of the year” and “Instrumental Album of the year. The recording features various instruments built by Tim Scheerhorn and played by the following, Tim Scheerhorn, Randy Kohrs, Rob Ickes, Jimmy Ross, Justin Moses, Andy Hall, Mike Witcher, Lee Hiers, Todd Livingston, Lou Wamp, Sally Van Meter, Jack Ferguson, Billy Cardine, Scott Vestal, Bruce Bouton, Kevin Gaugier,  Shannon Hayes & Billy Cardine. And with an all star supporting cast.


Thanks, Jimmy.....................




I got some Hornography!

I just got home and it was here!

Currently on the second track. It is simply IMMENSE!

Thank you Randy, Tim and everyone who plays on this and was involved in production.


Liam from Wales, feeling inspired!


What Did You Learn At ResoSummit?

Last year we had a thread like this. So since no one started it yet, thought I would.

We all had an incredible time. A big part of it was to meet and hang with you all awesome folks. Driving energy for me is to soak up new ideas and to grow as a musician.

Jimmy Heffernan showed us some important points for standing with a reso. Of course it's different for everyone but, Reso slanting down with right arm pushing up on the strap really solidified my instrument. Also the strap on the left needs to be tight. Left hand always down - he puts a good amount pressure on his left hand, which never comes off the finger board.

He pointed out that many students are lifting their bars too much. I tip my bar a bit too much, so I'm working on keeping my bar flatter like Rob does.

Sally Van Meters pick blocking class was very helpful. (I think we have another thread on how to do it.) She is the queen of tone.

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From The Bluegrass Blog:

Randy Kohrs’ record label, Left of Center Records, is soon to release a new resophonic guitar CD entitled, Hornography.


Hornography serves as a tribute to resophonic guitar luthier, Tim Scheerhorn. Kohrs is joined on the CD by an all star line up of Scheerhorn players.

The CD was recorded at Kohrs’ award winning studio, Slack Key Studio. Each track was produced by the featured musician, each of whom brought their own band to project. Spanning multiple genres, including classical, blues, jazz, and bluegrass, the CD is primarly instrumental (Kohrs contributes the only two vocal cuts) and revolves around instruments build the luthier whose name the project adopts.

Track 1 on the CD is Rob Ickes performing the Monroe classic, Wheel Hoss. Musicians on this cut include: Dave Pomeroy, Ron Block, Andy Leftwich, Adam Steffey, and Aaron McDaris.

Randy tells us the CD will be released before Christmas, and that he will have 200 advance copies available at the upcoming ResoSummit in mid-November.

Players featured on the CD are:

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