McKenna Walnut/Spruce SOLD

Recent setup with Scheerhorn cone. Gregg Mckenna just went through the guitar in December and gave it a clean bill of heath. Maple saddles, white plastic binding, grover tuners and rosewood unbound fretboard with MOP dots. Comes with a TKL case. This guitar has the usual playing and jamming wear but is in overall nice condition. Full soundwell for that old school sound but tons of growl from the new cone. This guitar needs a good home where it can get more playing time than I can give

9 Deneve Dobros For Sale!!!!!

Here we have 9 Deneve resonator guitars ranging from Birch Laminate R & D bodies to Solid Wood Maple, Walnut & Mahogony R & D bodies. Some are soundwell, some are post and rim and there is even one hybrid Soundwell/Post and Rim. They are all exceptional as always. These guitars have every bit of the tone and volume of any of the "Big" names. And are affordably priced out at $1550 for the R's and $1700 for the D's. Now that's price with hardshell case an extra set of strings and picks included. Mr. Deneve is truly an underrated builder who is in the next to last batch of guitars he will probably be making. You should not miss out on a chance to own one of these cannons! I own 3 and am currently having him build me another. I should have picks up of the guitars in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out the videos I posted earlier of each guitar.

Feel free to PM me with any interest or questions.

Chad Darou

Johnson under goes surgery

I have an old Johnson Square Neck,my first reso unit. After reading about Baffles and Soundwells on RN I decided to try something.  I cut  out the back half of the Soundwell flush with the diameters of the holes in the Soundwell. I added two small soundpost to strengthen the top. The three hole facing the sound hole I blocked with a piece of Lexan .030 thk. the only openings left are on the sides of the Soundwell,thus leaving a much longer path for the sound to travel. Ala Bose. I installed new Saddles cleaned up the nut and new strings. I took it a while to settle in, but this baby sounds great. I played it next to my PBSM and I actually think it is louder. More Bass response than before. The PBSM may get scheduled for the same surgery soon, However I think I will start with the Baffle before breaking out he Dremel. Next time I have it apart I will get some photos. Robin

Wanted: Spider Bridge. coverplate. Tuners. etc...

Hi Folks,

I am building a resonator guitar (my first one), and I am in need of a few parts.  I already have a cone, but I could use:

1 spider bridge

1 soundwell

1 coverplate

1 tailpiece

If you have any of these items, please let me know.  I will consider trading some things that I already have... I have some instructional guides that may be of interest to you.

If you prefer cash, i can paypal you or send a check.

you can email me at:




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