Nati-Horn tone

Have any of you played both the maple and Ickes models of the new Nati-Horns?

I know that the maple is brighter than the mahogany, but how does the Ickes compare to the maple in terms of tone, volume, etc.

The Ickes model is priced significantly higher than the other two...I would imagine that the purfling and different tone woods account for some of the price difference...

I need some help understanding instrumental and vocal resonance

On a recent road trip an Otis Redding tune came on and it really caught my attention. I was trying to make sense of his tone in that, sure, part of his voice was the melody line but simultaneously ...well this is the conundrum, there were a lot more notes ringing simultaneously supporting each melody note. I thought I could here a third below for sure. The sound was strikingly similar to a good res guitar.

I was trying to imagine the sound as a wave form or a shape. Is it cone shaped with the melody being the point of the cone ? It is hard for me to see it as a wave . 

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