TUNINGS - Simplifying and Keeping Them All Straight

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How many tunings do you use regularly? Particularly for gigging ( other steel guitars included)

 The reason that I ask is that I am probably stretching myself a little thin especially as my working memory is rusting.  I just added a D8 Stringmaster to the herd and I am trying do decide whether it makes sense to attempt E13 or E7. What are you doing?

Tuning & String Guages for Seven String Reso

I just grabbed at seven string ShoBro (I know, I know...) and am trying to figure out what tuning(s) and string guages to go with.

On arrival, it had a C tuning on it and, though I liked the tuning, the guitar sounded really lifeless. By cranking the same, aged strings up to E (EBGEBGE), it livened up the sound at least a little bit.


1. Thoughts on other tunings I might want to try?

2. If I keep it in the current tuning, recommendations of string gauges to try out?

And, while we're at it, any thoughts you might have on other things to try out on this guitar are welcomed. I've heard ShoBro's in the past that had a strong, traditional sound with a lot of growl. (I don't think I've ever heard one I'd accuse of sounding 'sweet'.) This one is awfully tame sounding though and, in fact, doesn't really sound all that reso-ish - more like a standard guitar with a remarkably small sound.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Lap Steel Tunings

Just got a lap steel (long scale) and am wondering if anyone is playing theirs in an open G tuning (GBDGBD)? If so, what string set are you using?


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